Remember the music, rekindle the dream



Take a “trip” with songs evoking that change-the-world vibe, with a fresh twist.

Sixties music shaped our lives for a while, then poof, it was gone.  And yet the songs continue to haunt our memories.  What if you could revisit this time so filled with passion?

With Nancy Blue, you’ll find yourself recognizing songs from this unique era that you don’t even know you know–that ignite long forgotten passions (for baby boomers–as well as those discovering the sixties for the first time).

You’ll be happy to hear these tunes–you have not heard them for decades, because these gems are all but forgotten, seldom if ever played on “Oldies” or Classic Rock playlists.  Remember…The 5thDimension, Astrud Gilberto,  Dusty Springfield, and so many one-hit wonders….

Ms. Blue is availablele for concerts, wineries, conventions, clubs/restaurants, festivals/street fairs, weddings, corporate, civic and organizational events,  private events, church/charity events, promotions, and more.

Depending on your setting and budget, you may hire Nancy Blue solo –  vocals and guitar, or with a lead guitarist or keyboardist, up to a full band  (Consisting of the best musicians in the greater Sacramento area:  Lineup available upon request, including individual musicians’ websites.)