Music Can Heal

Many original songs relate to concepts of spirituality.

You can hear this and similar songs at any of Nancy’s live shows.

Going Home


When you wake up, in the morning

Stop and you’ll hear, things your heart is trying to say

Never mind the analyzing, doesn’t matter much

You just need to get in touch

With the longing inside

that takes you high…………….

Now you’ve got to find, what’s been missing in your heart,

For so long

Now you’ve got to find what’s been left behind,  for so long

Walk around and see

Walk around and see what you want to see

Walk around and be who you wanna be

Walk around and

See what’s been  missing in your heart so long

that you,

Can’t seem to find it

You don’t know where it’s gone

But you gotta keep looking

You gotta be strong

Because you just never know where you’ll find it

It doesn’t exist in a house, It doesn’t exist by the sea

It only exists in you, it only exists in me

It doesn’t exist in a book

It doesn’t exist in this song

It only exists in me where its been all along

Repeat INTRO


Paint a garden, walk around the town

As a certified professional coach in mindfulness and guided meditation for healing and inner peace, addressing trauma, depression or habitual self-defeating thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, Nancy Blue applies her vocal and songwriting abilities to create songs related to these areas.

Self confidence, self-esteem, self-love and finding love, freedom, and more…

If you are in need of music for healing purposes for a training program, for clients or other applications, Nancy would be happy to talk with you about this.